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Bright Ideas for Student-Centered Learning

3 Unconventional Updates to Your District’s Writing Curriculum

By Tatum Travers October 17, 2017

“Writing instruction 30 years ago was a relatively simple affair: The typical assignment consisted of a few sentences ...

7 Mistakes to Avoid As You Champion Creative and Critical Thinking

By Tatum Travers August 21, 2017

Creativity and critical thinking are rapidly becoming two of the most important skills a student can acquire in the digital age.

Solving California’s Writing Problem

By Tatum Travers August 18, 2017

According to the NAEP, only 25% of California 8th graders are proficient writers. Fortunately, pedagogical shifts and classroom technology are making it easier than ...

Survey Suggests Administrator Priorities Are Changing

By Tatum Travers July 24, 2017

When learning and student development are at stake, it’s tempting to take the time-tested pedagogical path.

That being said, purposeful technology ...

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