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Bright Ideas for Blended Learning

Ross Hochwert

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Top 6 Special Education Apps for Elementary Students

Posted by Ross Hochwert

The best special education iPad apps consider not just instruction, but classroom management and behavioral strategies as well. The modern special education classroom needs to accommodate all types of students and the individual needs they may present. Special education teachers can look to apps to help their students with these needs, whether the students need help communicating, improving fine motor skills, reinforcing positive behavior with visual aids or simply processing external stimuli that may overwhelm students with Autism.

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eSpark Featured as Leader in Educational Technology in Ohio Schools

Posted by Ross Hochwert

eSpark was recently featured in the Beavercreek News Current as they reported on our latest presentation to a group of 50 administrators and teachers in the local Beavercreek, Ohio area. The article details our unique approach to crafting personalized iPad learning plans for students and how our approach was implemented in Ohio's Beavercreek City Schools. By pairing standardized testing data with Common Core standards, eSpark is able to effectively measure each student's individual progress in English Language Arts and develop a personalized curriculum for them.
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Top 4 Educational Apps for Elementary Math Students

Posted by Ross Hochwert

While the presence of iPads in the classroom may seem like a major victory for teachers looking to integrate technology into their curriculum, obtaining iPads is only half the battle. In order to properly utilize blended learning in the classroom, every teacher needs an appropriate assortment of apps that are equal parts fun, age-appropriate and educational.  With an increasing amount of educational apps saturating the App Store, it can be difficult for any teacher to identify the best iPad educational apps for students of any grade level.

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Topics: Elementary Education  App Recommendations