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Reinforcing Learning with Synthesis Videos

June 15, 2016

Posted by eSpark Learning

Student privacy is of the utmost importance to eSpark, and we comply to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.  We never share student videos without obtaining permission from the student's parents, teacher, and district.



Congratulations to Avery, a 4th grade student at Beavercreek School District School District and the winner of eSpark's first-ever video of the month. In this video, Avery responds to the following prompt: "Teach what you learned about dinosaurs in this quest. Explain each column of your KWL chart, including the key details that support what you learned. What conclusions can you make about dinos?"

Enthusiastically re-teaching what she learned, Avery used a KWL chart to organize what she knew before beginning the quest (K), what she wanted to know after finishing the quest (W), and what she learned from working through her apps and videos (L). Using her prior knowledge of herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores and the scientific research that eSpark provided about dinosaurs, Avery concluded that dinosaurs went extinct after a meteorite blocked out the sun and disrupted the food chain. Great job, Avery!


Want to nominate student work? Email synthesis videos to tatum@esparklearning.com.


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