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By Sarah Guckert • March 5, 2019

Student Writing Spotlight: Rio School District

This month we’re honored to highlight an exceptional student writing example from Michaela W., 6th grader at Rio Del Sol. Rio Del Sol is a K-8 S.T.E.A.M. school in Rio School District in California.

Michaela and her peers have been using Frontier to increase confidence and competency in writing. With Frontier, students get to learn and write about real-world topics such as:

What is integrity? When is failing a good thing? Can kids change the world?

In Michaela’s final extended writing project, it’s clear she thought critically about the topic, applied what she learned from the multimedia resources in Frontier, and elaborated to present a strong point of view.

Thanks Michaela and Rio Del Sol for your fantastic writing practice! Check out Michaela’s full writing project below:

Prompt: When is failing a good thing?


Some people think the failure is a negative concept, but it’s really the opposite. Failure is actually a good thing. Let’s talk about why.

Let’s be for real, nobody’s perfect no matter how famous or well known they are. For example NBA player Michael Jordan, he is obviously a professional player, but that doesn’t mean he make every single shot. One of his quotes said that he has failed again and again in his life and that's why he succeeds. I think it means that when he fails he learns from his mistakes and gets back on the quart and takes the knowledge he gained

Another person who has experienced failure is female tennis player Serena Williams. She didn’t see a champion as a person who wins a lot, she saw the definition as someone who recovers from their failures quickly.

Even our president Abraham Lincoln of the U.S. experienced failure. He failed in business, state legislature, and running for president. But that didn’t keep him from doing what he wanted. He went through all this stuff yet he became our president. If he had given up, he would have never been our president.

Okay, think about it like this. You want to learn how to draw a better elephant then you already draw now. But your not going to get there in 5 seconds, you have practice. And you will fail a few times, but don’t get irritated about it, keep on trying and learn from your mistakes. Put it like this, if you give up, you will never reach the goal that you wanted to reach. Also, don’t be so hard on yourself, it could stress you out.

What I have learned about failure is that it is not a bad thing, but giving up is. Failing helps you grow and it’s a learning process. In my opinion, failing makes you smart because when you fail you learn from your mistakes and gain information so you won’t do it again. You can also help others. If you see someone making the same mistake you made at one point you can inform them and help them learn and grow.

So to sum it all up, failing is not a bad thing, it is a good thing. And failure doesn’t mean your not smart, it actually makes you smarter. It helps you learn from your mistakes and grow. Failure is a learning process, so if you make a mistake that you don’t want to make again, then you know how to not to do again. Remember that you are not the only person who makes mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. Even well known people like Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, and Abraham Lincoln. One more thing to remember is not to give up. Giving up is one of the worst things to do. To me giving up does not feel good, that's why I don't , and you shouldn’t either. Keep on trying and accomplish what you want to accomplish. And if you see someone in the act of giving up, help them out and make them want to accomplish what they want to accomplish. I hope this has inspired you so you can inspire others.




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