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Bright Ideas for Blended Learning

How to Improve Reading Comprehension with Apps

By Tatum Travers September 21, 2015

September is national literacy month.  For the past ten years, U.S. illiteracy rates have remained troublingly high. According to a study conducted by the U.S. ...

Best iPad Apps for Special Education

By Tatum Travers August 26, 2015

Educational apps can lead to significant academic and social growth in special needs students.  Built in features on the iPad, like the ...

9 Best Kindergarten Apps (Great for Preschool, Too!)

By Sarah Guckert June 23, 2015

Envisioning iPads in the hands of your district’s youngest learners? Not sure how to make an early childhood initiative possible—or more importantly, successful? At ...

Educational Apps: In the Making

By Sarah Guckert August 28, 2014

We were thrilled to sit down with David Ng of Vertical Learning Labs, the developer of iPad app Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory: Place Value (an eSpark ...

Top 6 Special Education Apps for Elementary Students

By Ross Hochwert July 29, 2014

The best special education iPad apps consider not just instruction, but classroom management and behavioral strategies as well. The modern special education ...

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