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Bright Ideas for Blended Learning

Solving 5 Common Challenges of Writing Instruction

By Tatum Travers May 5, 2017

By the time they reach 8th grade, only 24% of US students are proficient writers. In this infographic, find 5 solutions for building stronger writers.


3 Professional Development Resources You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

By Tatum Travers December 7, 2015

The transition to student-centered learning can be a difficult time for educators.  Teachers’ roles are changing, ...

Educators Weigh in on Webb's Depth of Knowledge

By Tatum Travers November 17, 2015

Webb’s Depth of Knowledge is a difficult concept to grasp. A “frame of reference” rather than a strategy ...

Making Moves: How The Maker Movement is Transforming Education

By Candace Mittel November 9, 2015

In an effort to provide students with access to new design technologies (3-D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters and desktop ...

Fun Classroom Activities that Prepare Students for College and Career Success

By Tatum Travers October 28, 2015

In 2015, only 30–40% of Louisiana students demonstrated mastery of math and English skills, the majority ...

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