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Bright Ideas for Student-Centered Learning

Google for Education Selects Frontier for “Media Literacy Apps on Chromebooks” Program

By eSpark Learning June 26, 2017

eSpark Learning is proud to announce that Frontier has been selected for Google for Education’s "Media Literacy Apps ...

ISTE 2017 Preview: What to Expect from This Year’s Conference

By Tatum Travers June 22, 2017

ISTE is just a few days away, and the team at eSpark Learning is about to head to San Antonio to learn from the nation’s most innovative and dedicated educators. As ...

Trends in Education: What's Next for Blended Learning?

By Candace Mittel October 5, 2015

When schools initially began adopting computers, smartboards, and iPads, technology use was mostly supplemental. “The iPad is just a tool,” says Michigan ...

So, What Do eSpark Engineers Actually Do...?

By Candace Mittel September 24, 2015

Our engineer team is known for bringing our dogs to the office and wearing Vibrams to work. But you're probably wondering what we actually do each and every ...

A Culture of Growth: Learning From Our Clients in Real Time

By Candace Mittel September 17, 2015

All startups face their own set of challenges. But according to lead engineer Gursimran Singh, education is an especially hard industry with particularly thorny ...

Ramping up Fast: How eSpark Engineers Start Their First Day of Work

By Candace Mittel September 10, 2015

There’s a universal piece of wisdom that says that people don’t grow when things are easy. Rather, we grow when we are challenged.

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