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Top 6 Special Education Apps for Elementary Students

Posted by Ross Hochwert

The best special education iPad apps consider not just instruction, but classroom management and behavioral strategies as well. The modern special education classroom needs to accommodate all types of students and the individual needs they may present. Special education teachers can look to apps to help their students with these needs, whether the students need help communicating, improving fine motor skills, reinforcing positive behavior with visual aids or simply processing external stimuli that may overwhelm students with Autism.

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Behavior Management Strategies with Special Education Apps

Posted by Sarah Pliske

Teachers face many challenges in the classroom every day. For special education teachers, these challenges can be compounded by significant behavior management issues, the need to differentiate instruction across a large caseload of students, and the pressure to advocate for student placement in inclusive settings.

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“Race to the Top” District Competition: eSpark can help!

Posted by Alex Koch

This week’s release of the “Race to the Top” (RttT) District Competition guidelines have given teachers and administrators a lot to chew on. RttT, a program sponsored by the Department of Education, offers a 4-year grant to winning districts in an amount ranging from $5 to $40 million, depending on student population.

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