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Bright Ideas for Blended Learning

Best iPad Apps for Special Education

By Tatum Travers August 26, 2015

Educational apps can lead to significant academic and social growth in special needs students.  Built in features on the iPad, like the ...

Top 6 Special Education Apps for Elementary Students

By Ross Hochwert July 29, 2014

The best special education iPad apps consider not just instruction, but classroom management and behavioral strategies as well. The modern special education ...

Behavior Management Strategies with Special Education Apps

By Sarah Pliske February 12, 2014

Teachers face many challenges in the classroom every day. For special education teachers, these challenges can be ...

“Race to the Top” District Competition: eSpark can help!

By Alex Koch August 15, 2012

This week’s release of the “Race to the Top” (RttT) District Competition guidelines have given teachers and administrators a lot to chew on. RttT, a program ...

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